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Boudoir Attire - The 411

Have you booked a boudoir session with us or are you thinking about it? Stressing out about what to wear? Well not to worry because we have got you covered! When it comes to lingerie shopping there is the obvious choice of Victoria's Secret. I have found that when the store is running sales, promotions, etc. you can actually get some great lingerie without breaking the bank. I stopped in last week and all of their "sexy little things" collection was 40% off! That made the piece I had my eye on around $45, which isn't horrible for a good-quality piece of lingerie. I always recommend girls bring roughly 5 items to their shoots, its always better to have too many options than not enough, am I right?! If you don't have any luck with good ole' VS, I would send you over to or Both of these sites have great options that are budget-friendly, which makes the shopping that much more fun! I have found that 95% of items I have ordered from both sites fit really well and I have been really satisfied. Some tips for lingerie shopping; first and foremost, select items that YOU feel comfortable and sexy in. If you don't, it will show in the pictures. If you have problem areas {we all do} find pieces that accentuate the parts of your body that you are proud of! For me my biggest problem area would be my tummy, I have a big scar on my lower abdomen that is incredibly noticeable. When shopping for lingerie I tend to gravitate towards the lace body suits, silk nighties, and what I am loving right now are all of the high-waisted options. Not only are these options INCREDIBLY flattering, they hide anything I am self conscious of! Below are a few of my favorite options of our past clients. Something of your significant other's, i.e a sports jersey, button up shirt, etc. are also always good options! Hopefully this was helpful, and if you are need of more inspiration check our our boudoir gallery page! xoxo